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Our mission

Connecting entrepreneurs to information

financial and legal


Being a lighthouse for you business

Since 2014, MPAC® by Synapse has developed expertise in the SME sector in the fields of accounting, management, law and taxation. The company's clientele consists largely of corporations and individuals in business.


MPAC® by Synapse is recognized in its industry as a trusted partner to its clients. 

We offer a range of professional services including financial statement preparation, corporate and personal tax return preparation, financial analysis, project analysis, business start-up assistance, business turnaround, business acquisition and disposition, bookkeeping, estate management, corporate law, litigation and representation before tax authorities.

Don't underestimate our linear, stable and essential role

MPAC® par Synapse believes that an organization that draws on the skills and expertise of a wide range of professionals has an indispensable effect on the development and management of a business.

MPAC® by Synapse staff sit on a number of boards and committees. Our entrepreneurial clients recognize the often invaluable contribution that accountants and lawyers can make to a company's strategy and operations. We are committed to the success of the entrepreneurs we advise, and are particularly pleased to be able to contribute to their personal and professional development by providing strategic advice.

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